hoooooly guacamole!

Weight this morning:  130.8
Low weight:  129.8
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Happy Halloween, to anyone out there who actually reads this!  🙂  Most of blogland is posting about exciting Halloween treats and how to avoid over-indulging on this holiday.  I have never been a huge Halloween person and did not go out of my way to make any plans, so today is just a normal day for me!  I also do not have children nor live in a neighborhood where trick-or-treaters will be stopping by (actually, ok…I live in an apartment complex where we don’t have that, hehe).

Alright, on to my food news.  Publix is known for their amazing BOGO (buy one, get one free) deals, which change weekly.  Yesterday, I found one that intrigued me, so I went for it:

Normally, I’m only a fresh guac type of gal, but someone brought some packaged guacamole to the tailgate last Saturday, I think from…Walmart?  And of course I was skeptical, but OMG it was delish!  Now, this probably sounds like a weird combo, but I didn’t want to combine the guac with anything too “carby”, so I mixed one of the spicy packets with some zucchini slices (I had some leftover…more on that later), 5 baby carrots, and 2TBSP Publix salsa.  My review of the guac:  AWESOME!  A bit too spicy for me, but still really good and an excellent alternative to freshly made guac!

Later in the day, I tried ANOTHER recipe from GreenLiteBites called Whole Grain Zucchini-Pineapple Bread.  (I had zucchini leftover, which is why I threw it in with the guac above).  😉  

Ok, so my review of the bread/muffins:  They are definitely not as sugary as a muffin you’ll buy from the store, or from a bakery, or from a box muffin mix, but they definitely satisfy the muffin craving, if you tend to have those often (like me!).  So, I would give them a thumbs up!  They are a healthier version of a sugary breakfast muffin (…or, as I like to call them, icing-less cupcakes), which I like, and the pineapple/zucchini blended with all the spices came together nicely.  Yay for baking, for REALZ this time! 🙂

Other stuff i 8 today:

  • cup of Keurig chai tea latte (no spills today!)
  • 3 bean chili I made last night (recipe here; it was actually quite tasty, so this one will definitely be going in the large-batch, bean-based meal rotation)
  • broccoli, carrots, and 2TBSP hummus
  • Quaker Puffed Wheat cereal, almond milk, a medium-sized banana
  • zucchini, guac, and salsa
  • English muffin pizzas (recipe here)
  • two pineapple zucchini bread muffins

I did a Spinning class this morning (440 cals burned) and a Body Attack class this evening (400 cals burned).  My overall calorie count looked like this:

Hope you enjoyed the holiday!


Baby it’s cold outside

Weight this morning:  130.6
Low weight:  129.8
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Well, a cold front has officially hit the south, so I was in need of something warm today!  While working at home, I put my Keurig to use and made a cup of chai tea latte.Aaaand about halfway through drinking it, I spilled the rest–DOH!  Such an eeeediot!  Haha, oh well, only half the cals.  Later this evening, I whipped up a batch of an EASY vegetarian chili, also from Roni’s website GreenLiteBites.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t generally cook, but I CAN mix canned stuff together and warm it up, so this one was a winner for me!  That’s right, no chopping necessary.  I packaged it away into 8 portions (3 for Weds-Fri and 5 for next week.  Yes, I’m out of town again this weekend).  I’ll let you know how it tastes tomorrow!

The food i 8 today is pretty consistent with yesterday, so here it is:

  • broccoli, carrots, and 2TBSP hummus
  • red delicious apple + 2TBSP almond butter
  • 1/2 Keurig cup of chai tea latte (whoopsie!)
  • Quaker puffed wheat cereal, almond milk, sliced banana
  • English muffin pizzas (recipe here)
  • slice of leftover Marco’s Pizza
  • pumpkin muffin (recipe here, teehehe)

I made it to the gym for my normal Tuesday Body Attack in the AM (415 cals burned) and Zumba in the PM (350 cals burned).  Total food calories ended up looking like this:

Almond milk and…

Weight this morning:  132.2
Low weight:  129.8
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

I never have milk in my fridge!  I’m not a cereal-for-breakfast type of person and I have been off my smoothie kick for a while, so other than that, I don’t really have need for it.  Last week, however, when baking my special pumpkin treats for the tailgate, the recipe (er, box mix) called for milk, so I had to go to the store and get some!  A little while back when I was flirting with the idea of going vegan, I gave up cow’s milk and switched to almond milk.  While cheese has entered back into my life with a vengeance since this flirtation with veganism, almond milk is actually something that stuck.  So, what am I to do with all this “leftover” almond milk from my baking???

After much research and contemplation, I selected a CEREAL to pair with my almond milk.  I read online that Quaker Puffed Wheat, while an excellent cereal choice, is difficult to find at most grocery stores.  I found a box right in my local Publix, woo hoo!  Anyway, at a mere 50 calories per 1.25 cup serving (a cereal phenom), I was doubtful I would enjoy puffed wheat.  So, I paired it with a sliced banana and my 1 cup of almond milk, and the final review?  It’s good…not great, but good!  It serves its purpose as a VERY low-cal cereal impersonator, but it doesn’t exactly offer the same punch as some of the other healthier cereal options.  Paired with some fruit, it’s fairly good.  Alone, it would probably be bad.

Ok, enough about cereal, tonight I made a couple little English muffin pizzas using another recipe from GreenLiteBites:

And then not much later in the evening, I re-heated a slice of this:

Did I eat a healthful version of pizza and a not-so-good-for-you-at-all version of pizza, both in the same night?  Why yes, yes I did.  Haha, and I really enjoyed/loved BOTH!  Hey, I could spare the calories, why not?

OK, here’s all that i 8 today:

  • chickpea and tomato salad (recipe here)
  • broccoli, carrots, and hummus
  • 28 lightly salted almonds
  • Quaker puffed wheat cereal, almond milk, sliced banana
  • English muffin pizzas (recipe here)
  • slice of leftover Marco’s Pizza
  • spoonful of almond butter

And here’s how the calories worked out (below).  Oh, I went to a Body Pump class and did some jogging at the gym this morning (470 cals burned) and then went to a Spinning class this evening (400 cals burned).  Overall, it was a good fitness and food day!

Debbie Downer

Weight this morning:  133.2 –> eek!
Low weight:  129.8
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

I was NOT happy to see that number on the scale today.  😦  I have to stop this.  I’m SO GOOD Monday through Friday, and then I always try to reward myself on the weekend for being so good.  But, what I end up doing is just canceling out (maybe not completely , but to some extent) all the healthful choices I made during the week.  GAH!  Sorry to be such a downer, but it’s just one of those days…

I ended up taking a Body Pump class this afternoon (300 cals burned) and jogging for a bit on the treadmill (170 cals burned).  As for food, today I decided to just wait until I was actually hungry to eat.  That happened at around 3:30pm, and I wanted to finish up those hibachi leftovers from Thursday night, so that’s what I went with.  Later in the evening, a couple of my girlfriends asked if I wanted to grab dinner at one of my fave Italian/pizza places in town, and of course I said yes!  I had NONE of the free garlic bread, NO pasta, and NO pizza.  Phew!  I settled for the caprese salad appetizer as my meal and felt good about it.So, that about sums up what i 8 today, but here’s the official list:

  • leftover veggie hibachi
  • a spoonful of almond butter to hold me over til dinner
  • caprese salad

And here’s where I (think) I ended up with calories today…some guessing, of course:

Alcohol-induced binge eating

Weight this morning:  130.0
Low weight:  129.8
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

The title of this post totally sums up my day!  I don’t even want to THINK about the calories I consumed today at the tailgate, haha.  I started off well–sipping on mimosas and avoiding all the breakfast treats.  Then someone busted out the ruffles+onion dip and tortilla chips+texas caviar, and I was done.  I don’t know how long I stood at those dips just mindlessly eating while chatting, but it was far too long.  Then I threw in the towel and went crazy on the desserts, trying everything and going back for seconds (ok, maybe thirds?).  I felt so full when I got home that I was almost sick!  I had to lay down immediately.  I slept for two  hours, and then I headed to the gym.  I didn’t count how many calories I burned and I’m not counting how many calories I ate–too many!  I will, however, list what i 8 today, since that’s the whole purpose of this blog:

  • 3 mimosas
  • 1/2 a Mich Ultra
  • 1/2 a fresca + whipped vodka drink
  • a whooole lotta ruffles and onion dip
  • a whooole lotta tortilla chips and Texas caviar dip
  • a spoonful of pasta salad
  • 1/2 a potato roll
  • 2 pumpkin cookies
  • 3? of this other caramel bar dessert
  • a piece of crumb coffee cake
  • a couple slices of pizza

So, I have a problem with drinking and…EATING.  While I understand this was a special day and I shouldn’t be too hard on myself because we still need to live life and enjoy every now and then, I want to be able to enjoy these events mindfully.  I want to be able to eat chips and dip and desserts at a tailgate, but not binge eat those things.  Alcohol definitely clouds my judgment.  I start to have fun and throw all caution out the window.  I need to work on this.  I will work on this.  I’m back on my path to 125 lbs!

Oh, and yes our local team won the football game.  Spanked them! 😉

My kinda baking!

Weight this morning:  130.0
Low weight:  129.8
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Happy FRIDAY!!!  Today I got in a morning (Body Attack-500 cals burned) and evening (Zumba-360 cals burned) workout to prepare for some major indulgences tomorrow (more on that later).  Here’s what i 8 today:

  • one serving of bean salad (see yesterday’s post for the deets)
  • dip chip carrots + hummus
  • Chili’s Texas cheese fries (had a work happy hour and nibbled on some fries)
  • 6″ Publix veggie sub
  • the rest of the Publix cake from last night
  • theeeeen I started baking and ate some cookie batter + some cookie…I couldn’t resist!

Here’s what the calorie count looks like:

So, tomorrow is a big eating day!  I am attending the ultimate college football game day tradition–all-day tailgating!  Well, we’re starting at 8am and ending at 3pm since the game starts at 3:30pm, but that’s close enough to all-day.  There will be plenty of grilling, beer drinking, cornhole-playing, pasta salad and dessert-eating!  I am going to try to be somewhat mindful and not overdo it, but it may end up being a “cheat day” since I have been good all week!  😉 My contribution to the tailgate is as follows:

That’s right–’tis the season for all things pumpkin!  These are pumpkin muffins and iced pumpkin cookies–woo hoo!  True to form, I will not be sharing with you my amazing, healthy, paleo, gluten-free, or low-fat recipe for these delicious treats on my blog (as I see most bloggers doing faithfully).  Instead, I will reveal to you my little secret…

…and let the judging begin!  Haha, yes I cheated and made these pumpkin goodies from a box/bag.  So shoot me!  I know it’s not as healthy or as commendable as truly homemade dishes, but it IS one step above buying packaged pumpkin cookies!  Oh well, my secret is out to you, but my friends will NEVER KNOW…mwahahahaaahhahaaa!  I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how the tailgate goes!

PS:  As I was packaging up the goodies for tomorrow, a muffin and a cookie sort of fell apart and became ugly (as in, too unappetizing-looking to serve to my friends tomorrow) , so I ate them!  Uggggh, I’m so mad at myself!!!  Now I have that yucky full feeling from eating way too many sweets tonight!  Grrrr.  Well, nothing I can do about it now.  G’nite!

Hibachi Heaven

Weight this morning:  130.0
Low weight:  129.8
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

In general, I do not cook.  If someone were to ask me, “Do you cook?”  my answer would likely be, “Not really.”  From time to time, however, I can mix ingredients and do simple things.  Sometimes I’ll venture out and try a difficult recipe, but for the most part…I do not cook.  That being said, today I made (i.e., mixed together some ingredients in a bowl) a bean salad inspired by a favorite blog of mine called GreenLiteBites.  The recipe is a chickpea and tomato salad with fresh basil.  I added some black beans I had left over and the second avocado I purchased a couple days ago.  I tacked on the extra calories to the original count from the blog posting and then split the recipe into 3 portions, which came to about 287 calories per serving.  Overall, the salad is yum!  It is a unique mixture of flavors, so I’m not sure it’s for everyone, but I absolutely loved it!
Ok, here’s what i 8 the rest of today:

  • one serving of the above bean salad
  • 1/3 cucumber, carrot dip chips + hummus
  • a spoonful of almond butter before my afternoon workout
  • veggie hibachi!!!
  • slice of Publix cake

My workouts today consisted of a Body Pump class in the morning (375 cals burned) and a Body Step class in the afternoon (475 cals burned), since I knew I was having a heavier dinner.  This evening I went to a dinner with friends at a Japanese steakhouse and we did the whole hibachi grill experience, which I LOVE to do!  It’s always so much fun.  And the food is always amazing and plentiful!  When the cooking was done and my plate was full of 1/2 vegetables, 1/2 fried rice and lo mein, I immediately asked for a to-go box and boxed up half of it.  Out of sight, out of mind!  I didn’t want to be tempted to keep going and eat the entire plate, which I know I could easily do because it’s so delicious.  Did I get some strange looks from my neighbors for doing this?  Yes.  Do I actually care?  No.  It’s something that helps me stay in control, so I’ll often ask for a box at the beginning of my meal.  So, I left dinner feeling satisfied, but not overly stuffed…which is why I ended up at the Publix bakery with two of my girlfriends after we ate, haha!  I settled on a slice of cake and ate roughly 2/3 of it and saved the rest for tomorrow.  Overall, it was a great night!!!  Calorie snapshot:

Oh, and what’s that you say?  You want proof of “said” leftovers from dinner/dessert tonight?  Ok, here ya go:

Can’t wait to finish it all!!

Avocado, I can’t let you go!

Weight this morning:  131.6
Low weight:  129.8
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

I’m creeping back down to my low weight (and goal weight)–woo hoo!  I started this morning with another 6am workout (Body Pump, 300 cals burned) because I had an early meeting at work.  The rest of the day consisted of the following on the feeding front:

  • black bean, salsa, and avocado burrito on whole wheat tortilla (this is the LAST of a 10-pack of tortillas, haha, so I’m on to another whole wheat bread option after this!)
  • brownie (they had a work “thing” and I snagged one)
  • 1/4C dry roasted edamame
  • a few bites of a soft pretzel and melted cheese + some cracker jacks (went to a college women’s volleyball game and ate some of a friend’s snacks)
  • 6″ Publix veggie sub on whole wheat bread
  • a few bites of almond butter

So I’m a huuuuuge fan of avocado, but I’m always wary about how many darn calories the delicious fruit adds to my daily count!  I do read article after article touting the benefits of avocado, such as the fat being “good fat” and it helping to lower cholesterol, improve heart health, speed the metabolism, etc., etc., but sometimes seeing such a small amount of food add such a big number of calories can be… well… annoying!  Thus, I try to incorporate avocado sparingly, although I could probably eat an entire avocado every day and love every minute of it.  I usually check the bucket of hass avocados each time I’m at the grocery store, and if I happen to come across that perfectly shaped, perfectly “almost” ripe avocado (see below), then I’ll buy it.  And I’ll eat it.  And I’ll love it.

Alright, here’s how the calorie count looks today:

Taking the bad with the good

Weight this morning:  133.0
Low weight:  129.8 –> this is an important one to keep track of, too!
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

The bad:
I came back from my trip up to 133 lbs from 129.8 lbs, where I started on Friday.  What disappointment!  I worked so hard to break 130 lbs, and now I’m back up to 3 over!  I’m not sure what I was expecting, though, considering I just got home from 4 days of drinking, heavy eating (including 3 buffet trips), multiple desserts, and minimal exercise (save for shaking my tail feather on the dance floor at both weddings!).  We drove roughly 2000 miles over four days, so that means I did a lot of sitting on my butt and not a lot of calorie-burning!  So, I was quite disappointed to see this number on the scale this morning, and I really hope I can work to get back below 130 quickly.

The good:
I had an AMAZING vacation!  While I can’t say I’m 100% regret-free with my food choices (did I really need to try EVERY dessert at the country buffet??), I can say that I enjoyed every bit of food I ate.  I got back in the gym this morning and burned 490 cals doing Body Attack and went to Zumba this evening and burned 340 more cals.  It felt really good to work up a sweat again after 4 days off!  Last but not least, before starting this blog, I was used to returning from vacation, stepping on the scale, and seeing a number close to 140 lbs.  While I was sad to see the 133 lbs this morning, it was not nearly as sad as seeing 138 or 139.  So, I’m making progress here, one day at a time.

Ok, back to business…what i 8 today:

  • Early lunch @ a burger joint –> grilled veggie pita with feta cheese (only ate 1/2 the pita bread), 1/2 a side of fruit, some fries off another’s plate!
  • black bean, cheese, and salsa burrito in a whole wheat tortilla
  • apple + almond butter
  • fun-size snickers bar (from a wedding welcome bag I got this weekend–I couldn’t resist…yum!!)

Back at it tomorrow.  Sweet dreams!!

Take me home tonight!

Weight this morning: ??? (woke up in a hotel; no scale)
Goal weight: 125
Height:  5’6″

Today was the final day of our trip…NINE hours in the car to get back home.  I was a bit hungover this morning from wedding # 2 last night ;-), so I was craving something greasy this morning.  Later in our ride, we also found the cutest country buffet restaurant on some back roads.  This was the THIRD buffet of this weekend–craziness!  Ok, here’s what i 8:

  • value-sized onion rings from Burger King + diet coke
  • country buffet –> assortment of salads (pictured below), small portions of a broccoli casserole, squash casserole, mac & cheese, collared greens, peach cobbler, apple crisp, a bite of bread pudding that I wasn’t fond of, a slice of chocolate cake
  • frozen yogurt!

Ok, tomorrow I am back to my calorie-counting routine.  I had so much fun over this long weekend, enjoyed spending time with friends and family, and ate some really tasty food.  I was too scared to step on the scale this evening, but will do first thing in the morning and report back.  I hope I didn’t do too much damage with all the weekend indulgences!