Weight this morning:  133.6
Goal Weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Hello world!  This is officially day 1 of my life as a blogger–I’m SUPER excited!  I’m going to keep it simple and in line with my purpose:  what i 8 today!  Now, I don’t do the whole breakfast/lunch/dinner + two snacks thing.  Most days (when I’m not indulging constantly), I try to eat when my body tells me it needs fuel.  Sometimes that hungry feeling starts at 10 or 11am, while other days it maybe 1 or 2pm.  It really has a lot to do with how much I ate the evening before.  Last night (knowing that I was going to be starting this blog and day 1 of my weight loss journey), I indulged in quite a few dried banana chips, two slices of leftover pizza, a slice of cake, and basically ate myself sick, so I wasn’t feeling hungry until much later in the day.  Anyway, here goes my list, in chronological eating order, hehe:

  1. 20 grapes
  2. healthy garden salad (recipe here:, and I added chickpeas (i.e., garbanzo beans) to the recipe, so my calorie count for a serving is a little higher than what the website says
  3. 1/2 a sliced green bell pepper and 2 TBSP hummus; Green Giant frozen creamed spinach (entire package)
  4. 1/2C black beans, a small sliced avocado, and 2TBSP medium salsa inside a 100% whole wheat tortilla
  5. one serving of reduced-fat cheeze-its

I also ran for about 20 minutes and then took an hour-long Body Pump class in the morning.  I wear a heart rate monitor watch (thanks, mom and dad!) that also tracks the number of calories burned, which was 490 calories during those 80 minutes of exercise today.

Finally, I use (and the iphone app–LOVE!) to track my calories each day.  I’ll try to give you a snapshot of it in each post, so you can see where I ended up in my calorie count.  Not too shabby today!

I’ll check back in tomorrow!  🙂


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