Eating out right (and light)

Weight this morning:  130.2 (hard to believe after all I ate yesterday, but again, this wasn’t my home scale, so I’m not convinced this is really what I’m at right now!)
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Happy Sunday!!  OK, I was out of town again today, so i 8 out every meal, but I tried to be good:

  1. burrito in a bowl –> brown rice, romaine lettuce, black beans, salsa, guac
  2. sushi! (pic below)
  3. subway –> a 6″ veggie on wheat ( has a cool meal builder on their website that allows you calculate exactly the calorie count for your sandwich), and a delicious raspberry cheesecake cookie

I ordered the two rolls in the middle (sweet potato and a cucumber/avocado) and had 5 pieces of each.  The weather was crappy when I woke up the morning, and I had a bit of a drive this evening to get back home, so no workout for today.  It’s ok, though, one day off this week isn’t too shabby!  Alright, I have 4 days at home to be good and eat healthy, then I’m back on the road this Fri-Mon for a double-wedding weekend!  I definitely need to be good if I’m going to try a slice of both the wedding and groom’s cake at each wedding (duh…you HAVE to try both!), hehe.  Back atcha tomorrow!


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