Tame Tailgating

Weight this morning:  ??? (the scale I was using at my family’s house broke!)
Low weight:  129.4
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Today was yet another day of football tailgating, woo hoo!  It was a beeeeautiful fall day, the perfect weather for football-watchin’.  Ok, so I started off really well, sticking to WATER while others drank beer.While at the tailgate, I had half an sub sandwich with some tomato and lettuce on it and some crackers and cheese ball.  At the game, I ate half of a soft pretzel w/cheese.  After that, I ate just half my meal at a restaurant called Pei Wei (YUM!  It was just as delicious as PF Changs, but cheaper).  I forgot to take a picture until halfway through my meal!

Then, on my drive home, I stopped for a snack size Oreo McFlurry.

Alright, so here’s all the food i 8 today:

  • crackers + cheese ball
  • half of a sub sandwich (meat removed, leaving really just lettuce and tomato)
  • half of a soft pretzel + cheese
  • Pei Wei meal:  veggies + tofu + brown rice (just half the meal, boxed up the other half right when I got my meal)
  • Oreo McFlurry

Calories ended up being somewhere around:

Overall, for the weekend, I would say I feel OK about my food choices.  The good thing is I never really went crazy and had a 2500+ calorie day that would leave me feeling bloated and miserable.  I did, however, have more than 1200 calories (the number recommended for me to lose weight) each day.  So, while I didn’t go crazy and binge eat on Fri, Sat, or Sun, I wasn’t exactly “good” either.  We’ll see what the scale looks like tomorrow!  Sweet dreams!


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