Drinks i drank today

Weight this morning:  131.2
Low weight:  129.4
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

It’s almost my blogging month-aversary!  Yep, tomorrow marks one month of blogging for me.  Each day I bring to you a list of the food i 8 that day, but I’ve yet to share with you what i drink on a daily basis!  So, here’s a basic synopsis of what I like to drink:

  1. WATER!  No matter what I read regarding the best drink for our bodies, good ol’ H20 always tops the list, so I stick with lots-o-water each and every day.
  2. Sobe Water.  This is my little “fun drink” I like to give myself, since I haven’t yet resigned to a 100%, “perfect”, water-is-the-only-thing-I-drink life.  I drink one a day, roughly 4 days a week.  Although it’s calorie-free, I know it’s no good for me and I should just stick to regular water, but it satisfies my “fun drink” craving, and it tastes so darn yummy!  My fave is the Strawberry Dragonfruit.
  3. Diet soda.  I indulge in diet (yes, only diet) soda once or twice a month maybe, usually when I’m out enjoying a fun meal like pizza or Mexican or something of that nature.  Also, I crave diet soda + greasy food when I’m not feeling my best the day after a night of too much fun, so I’ll drink it then, too.  😉  My fave is Diet Dr. Pepper!
  4. La Croix.  I was on a HUGE La Croix kick for a while, but then I found Sobe Water and switched it up to avoid the carbonation.  I’ll still have one from time to time, but not often.  My fave is Berry!
  5. Alcoholic beverages.  I’m a low-brow wine and beer drinker (i.e., house reds or whites and Bud Light, baby!)  My go-to cocktail at a bar is vodka, club soda, and lime.  My go-to cocktail if I’m mixing is Fresca (my fave is Black Cherry) and a fun vodka, like Pinnacle whipped vodka.  (LOVE the Pinnacle varieties!)  NOTE:  I only drink for special occasions (birthdays, concerts, tailgates, other celebrations of sorts), NOT on a daily basis!  Just wanted to make that clear…

Ok, that about sums up what i drink for the most part.  I am not a coffee person (never liked the taste, and didn’t try to add a ton of sugar/milk to convince myself otherwise), I’ll occasionally have a Chai tea latte or hot chocolate from my Keurig, but that’s about it for hot drinks.

Onward, to the food i 8 today!  Welp, today the scale didn’t move.  😦  In honor of my blog topic, I decided to pick up a couple of cleanse-type drinks and just drink from those for the first half of my day for a little “half-day cleanse”.

I couldn’t decide between these two at the store, so I went for both!  I drank half of each today, and I’ll finish the rest tomorrow.  I LOVED them both!  The Bolthouse Farms one was a little sweeter than the Naked, and maybe a little too sweet for my taste buds, so I actually prefer the Naked variety.  For those of us without juicers (I’ve yet to invest), this is a fairly good alternative.  It’s still a packaged product and doesn’t beat fresh drinks we juice ourselves, but it’s a pretty darn convenient alternative that works for me!

In the evening, I had some more of the three bean chili and a couple buttered slices of the zucchini-pineapple bread I made last week.  Yum!So, here’s a summary of the food i 8 today as well as calorie counts.  Oh, and I did a 6am Body Pump class today (350 cals burned).  Toodles!

  • 1/2 bottle of Bolthouse Farms – Green Goodness
  • 1/2 bottle of Naked – Green Machine
  • broccoli+ 2TBSP hummus
  • three bean chili (recipe here)
  • two slices of whole grain zucchini-pineapple bread with butter (recipe here)



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