A new low (it’s a good thing!)

Weight this morning:  129.0
Low weight:  129.0
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Welp, this morning I reached a new record-low…on the scale!  I got down to 129.0 pounds.  Small success!

Today I started with a Body Attack class (400 cals burned) and then went straight out to breakfast, which I NEVER do, but it was oh-so-delicious.

So so good!  The rest of the day consisted of lazing around, some napping, and then waking up starving!  We wanted to try a new pizza joint in town, and we showed up at the place around 4pm.  Turns out, they’re only open for dinner, starting at 5pm.  What were we to do?  Get the party started!

We went to a nearby outdoor bar since it was such a gorgeous day.  I’m the red wine on the right, the husband is the vodka/sprite on the left.  After our drinks, we finally got a table at the pizza place, and we were STARVING!  So, we started off with some focaccia bread.

And no, the beer tasters are not mine!  When our mushroom pizza arrived, we devoured it so quickly, I forgot to take a shot until we were down to the final slice!

After this delicious dinner, we still had a little room for dessert, so we hit up the Dairy Queen down the street.  I got my go-to ice cream treat:

Simple, classic, and delicious.  I ended up over my 1200 calorie goal after all of this yummy food, but overall it was a pretty good food day!  Here’s the official list of food and calories:

  • Breakfast out –> multi-grain pancake with fruit, a bite of my husband’s ham/egg/cheese sandwich (sans ham)
  • glass of Malbec wine
  • broccoli + 1TBPS hummus
  • piece of focaccia bread
  • a few slices of brick oven pizza
  • DQ kid’s size soft serve vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles

Tomorrow I’m helping host a co-ed baby shower for a couple we’re friends with.  I’ll take some pics of all the dishes I’ve made for it.  I hope they go over well with my friends!  The temptations will DEFINITELY be there to overdo it tomorrow, but I have to stay strong!


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