Abbreviated (Inebriated) post

Weight this morning:  128.6
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Ok, here’s what i 8 today:

  • spoonful of freshly ground peanut butter
  • veggie omelette (work lunch)
  • veggie sub (road trip food)
  • pudding shot (husband made me, it was delish!!!)
  • 2 vodka, soda waters
  • 2 sour patch kids shots
  • bruschetta appetizer
  • ceviche dinner
  • bread + pesto
  • assortment of baked goods from my husband’s work

…and, I’m spent!

Everything started nice and healthy tonight.and went downhill quickly with the start of one simple pumpkin “pudding” shot.

All caution flew out the door, and I WAY over-ate tonight!  Ah well, it was a FUN Friday night!!!


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