Scale solution

Weight this morning:  129.6
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

I am still on “vacation” this week (i.e., out of town, staying with family, still working from home, looking forward to Thanksgiving!), so finding ways to exercise is much more complicated than when I’m at home in my fabulous gym.  So, I started this morning with a workout I’m not too fond of–running!  I ran for 15 minutes before I became tired of it (150 cals burned) and then walked for maybe 45 minutes just to try to burn some more cals (170 burned).  It was quite a boring workout–I need to bring music along next time or something.  No matter how much I try, I just can’t find that love or even “like” for running.  Maybe one day…

Food-wise, the first half of today consisted of the delicious green juice I discovered a few weeks ago.

In the evening, my husband wanted to take me to a local vegan place that has had excellent reviews both online and from a couple of our vegan friends, so we decided to check it out.  We were STARVING on the way over (and had to sit in a bit of traffic before we got there), so we immediately ordered a plate of garlic knots, which were divine!

For my meal, I ordered a black bean burger with asparagus on the side, while my husband went with a pizza with soy-based cheese.

We both really loved my burger and felt “eh” about the pizza.  I am obsessed with pizza, so my expectation for a normal-tasting pizza is always there when I try a vegan-cheese-based pizza, and I’m just always disappointed.  We gave it a try, but we probably wouldn’t order a vegan pizza again.  Of course, I had to try one of their desserts–a “cowboy cookie” that included a mix of ingredients from coconut to chocolate chips.  I saved it for when we got home and plopped down on the couch.  YUM!

In other news, my new scale arrived today!!!

It’s a little travel scale!  So this has been my dilemma recently:  I weigh myself on my scale at home and then go on a weekend trip and either (a) have no scale available to me, or (b) use a different scale that I KNOW is off from my home scale, both of which throw me off my routine!  Now yes, some may see this as borderline obsessive about weighing-in, but I think that having a handle on where I’m currently at weight-wise each morning helps me gauge my food intake for that day.  This is ESPECIALLY important when I’m away from home because during those times I get out of my normal eating routine, I tend to eat out more, and of course there’s a bit more indulging in delicious food with family and friends.  So, my solution to the no-scale / off-scale problem was to buy a travel scale.  I opted for the fun, orange-ish color.The first thing I wanted to do was to compare my weight on this scale to the current scale I’m using at my family’s house.  So, on the family scale, I’m reading in at 129.6.  On this new, travel scale, it’s reading 130.2.  So, a difference of 0.6, about a half a pound.  Not a HUGE difference, but it is different!  The new scale weighs me in little heavier than the family scale, but not to worry, I’m sticking to the new, travel scale for all my weigh-ins from here on out!

I have to say that so far (yes, one day in), I am satisfied with this product.  It’s not extremely lightweight (not sure I would take it on a plane carry-on), but it’s nice and compact and feels sturdy.  I bought it on here for roughly $20 + shipping.  A little pricey, but it proves a simple solution to an annoying problem!

Alright, here’s the summary stats!  Food i 8 today:

  • a 32-oz bottle of Naked green juic
  • a handful of Honey Nut Cheerios to hold me over til dinner
  • 2 garlic knots + olive oil
  • 1/2 a black bean burger
  • 7 stalks of asparagus
  • a vegan cookie
  • a pumpkin cookie (as if that massive cowboy cookie wasn’t enough!  I’m such a cookie monster!!!)


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