All hail, Wikipedia!

Weight this morning:  130.0
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Today began with a 3.5 hour…drive home (no, not a marathon run).  I drove in my workout clothes and headed straight to the gym when I got into town.  I did 45 minutes of cardio (460 cals burned), consisting of a treadmill run, the elliptical machine, and the step machine.  And it felt good.

Then I finally went home, unloaded my car, got ready to teach, ate a little of this (wholly guac + salsa + carrots), and then headed to campus to teach.  I ended up running into some other grad students after class that I hadn’t seen in a while since we were all away for the holiday, and I left school a lot later than I expected.  I was super hungry!  I needed to do some grocery shopping, but I really hate to shop while I’m starving, so I picked up a little something at The Fresh Market while I was there buying almond butter.

mmmm, it’s a Heath cookie.  And it. was. divine.  Especially for this hungry gal!  I then proceeded to Publix where it was crazy busy and picked this up for dinner:

Now, I have a pretty packed week ahead of me, and I’m going back out of town on Friday, so I wasn’t really in the mood to make a large batch of some bean dish.  Instead, I went into Publix on a mission to find a black bean or garden veggie burger (frozen variety) since I’ve never tried one before.  But when I looked at the options (mostly Morningstar and Boca), the ingredients lists were a little too long and strange for my liking.  So, I stuck with a brand I know and love–Amy’s.  Although they don’t have any frozen burger patties (at my store), I did find some burrito options from them.  The ingredients list was short and understandable, it’s still an easy dinner, and I’m getting my bean protein!  The burrito was actually delish.

Yes, I added some Publix salsa on top, which made it that much more delightful.  I would highly recommend these little frozen burritos if you ever need a quick, cheap, frozen dinner that isn’t too terrible for you and is tasty, too.

Alright, here’s all the food i 8 today (along with the cals below):

  • wholly guacamole packet + 2TBSP salsa + dip chip carrots
  • 20 lightly salted almonds
  • Keurig chai tea latte
  • Heath cookie
  • Amy’s bean burrito + 2TBSP salsa
  • Green Giant creamed spinach (entire package)
  • Instant oats + 2TBSP almond butter + 1/2 a banana


OK, now onto the reason for the title of my post.  Today I was using Wikipedia (like I do almost daily), and they had a little banner at the top asking for donations.  I have seen these banners before, but this one roped me in!

Dear Wikipedia readers: We are non-profit, but also the #5 website in the world. With 450 million monthly users, we have costs like any top site: servers, power, rent, programs, staff and legal help. To protect our independence, we’ll never run ads. We take no government funds. We run on donations averaging about $30. If everyone reading this gave $5, our fundraiser would be done within an hour. If Wikipedia is useful to you, please take one minute to keep it online another year. Please help us forget fundraising and get back to Wikipedia. Thank you, from the Wikimedia Foundation.

So, I decided to donate $5, and I’m glad I did.  It took 2 minutes–they link right up to your Amazon or Paypal account, if you have one.  I use this website so often, and I truly believe in how much good it’s doing for people all over the world to help everyone gain knowledge, that I had to support it.  The foundation sent a very nice email to me after I donated the measly 5 bucks.  I pasted it below.  It’s a little long, so I understand if you don’t have the time to read it, but it’s a pretty good cause.  It helps people stay informed on a wide variety of topics, and I’m sure we can all agree it’s been pretty useful in our lives.  If you have 5 bucks to spare, I think it’s money well-spent!

Dear xxx (me–it’s a secret!),

Thank you for donating to the Wikimedia Foundation. You are wonderful!

It’s easy to ignore our fundraising banners, and I’m really glad you didn’t. This is how Wikipedia pays its bills — people like you giving us money, so we can keep the site freely available for everyone around the world.

People tell me they donate to Wikipedia because they find it useful, and they trust it because even though it’s not perfect, they know it’s written for them. Wikipedia isn’t meant to advance somebody’s PR agenda or push a particular ideology, or to persuade you to believe something that’s not true. We aim to tell the truth, and we can do that because of you. The fact that you fund the site keeps us independent and able to deliver what you need and want from Wikipedia. Exactly as it should be.

You should know: your donation isn’t just covering your own costs. The average donor is paying for his or her own use of Wikipedia, plus the costs of hundreds of other people. Your donation keeps Wikipedia available for an ambitious kid in Bangalore who’s teaching herself computer programming. A middle-aged homemaker in Vienna who’s just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. A novelist researching 1850s Britain. A 10-year-old in San Salvador who’s just discovered Carl Sagan.

On behalf of those people, and the half-billion other readers of Wikipedia and its sister sites and projects, I thank you for joining us in our effort to make the sum of all human knowledge available for everyone. Your donation makes the world a better place. Thank you.

Most people don’t know Wikipedia’s run by a non-profit. Please consider sharing this e-mail with a few of your friends to encourage them to donate too. And if you’re interested, you should try adding some new information to Wikipedia. If you see a typo or other small mistake, please fix it, and if you find something missing, please add it. There are resources here that can help you get started. Don’t worry about making a mistake: that’s normal when people first start editing and if it happens, other Wikipedians will be happy to fix it for you.

I appreciate your trust in us, and I promise you we’ll use your money well.



Sue Gardner
Executive Director,
Wikimedia Foundation


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