carb cravings

Weight this morning:  131.0
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

The scale is going in the wrong direction…grrr!  Maybe it’s all that holiday food finally catching up with me.  Maybe it’s the fact that I ate somewhere around 80% of my calorie intake in the evening yesterday.  Maybe it’s this stupid new scale that refuses to go DOWN.  Maybe it’s just me!

I started this morning with a Body Attack class (380 cals burned) and a light treadmill jog (100 cals burned).  When I got home I snacked on some raw veggies and hummus.  I’m slightly obsessed w/Sabra’s Roasted Red Pepper hummus right now.  SO GOOD!

Later in the day I cooked up this little gem that I picked up at TJ Maxx for 3 bucks!

I was a little worried about all the spices being too much for me, but the flavor was actually very light and not too overwhelming at all.  I would definitely buy this again–yum!

I went back to the gym this afternoon for a little Zumba action (350 cals burned), and they actually had Papa Johns PIZZA they were giving away for free at the gym!  Ahhh the temptation!  I ended up saying no, but still having a carby-bread craving, so I swung by Publix on my way home and picked up a family favorite:Yep, it’s Publix 100% whole wheat mountain bread.  THE BOMB!  I ended up asking the bakery to slice up just 1/2 a loaf for me, and I’m glad I did because tonight I ended up eating half of this 1/2 loaf!  I couldn’t stop myself!  So, now of course I feel bloated and yucky, oy vey!  I also paired the bread with another of Amy’s soups.

That’s about all the action from today.  Here’s the official list and calories:

  • broccoli, carrots, and hummus
  • couscous mix (pictured above)
  • apple + 2TBSP  hummus
  • 1/2 a can of Amy’s black bean vegetable soup
  • toooo much Publix whole wheat mountain bread + butter
  • some scoops of almond butter


11 responses

    • Bhahaha, this cracked me up!

      It actually sounds like a great way to burn calories. I will look into it (and your blog) some more. So far, I like the sound of this post of yours: Juggling linked to improved academic skills. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Thank you again for liking my health posts. I believe in all natural herbs and roots as a way for healthy living. Spices like Cayenne Pepper are a great way to get the blood pumping. So is my second favorite root: Ginger. In fact, I drink about 5 cups of ginger tea daily.

    Losing weight is also apart of heredity so if mom, dad and grandma are “thick”, chances are you will inherit their genes. Please be aware that being healthy and skinny are two VERY different things as thinness is pushed by the media as being pretty. But that’s another topic all together.

    May I please ask you to pass this around?:

    I opened a 100%, totally Organic Soap Company for those that wish to steer clear of “fillers”, aluminum and GMO that the commercial soap companies are pushing. I became aware of this about 5 years ago and set out to do something about it. We make all our own teas and grow our own veggies from the garden, puree them and make soap!!

    We’re coming out very soon with 8 new ones including one for a frequently requested
    problem: Acne.

    Can you pass this link to your friends and family and co-workers and join the Organic Movement?



    • haha, really?! Yeah, I guess my vegetarian and grazing ways of eating aren’t so standard. I also don’t have kids/a big family to cook for, so I just go with my cravings and the times when I’m hungry!

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