Green Giant, I love thee

Weight this morning:  129.8
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Today began with a treadmill jog and Body Pump class (455 cals burned).  Then, I dove into the leftovers from yesterday’s couscous.

Yum!  Still pretty tasty on day 2.  Now let’s talk a little about veggies.  Today I had two kinds.  First, my raw, “fresh” veggies with hummus–a staple in my diet:

Then, I had some Green Giant frozen veggies:

I really love several of the Green Giant frozen veggie varieties, and I often turn to them for a quick, easy, and delicious veggie serving (or two, since I eat the entire package myself!).  Anyway, it got me thinking about whether frozen veggies are truly as nutritional as fresh.  I conducted the only scientific research I knew how:  I googled it!  Turns out, fresh is better, but frozen is not a bad alternative at all.  At least this site agrees.  You can check it out of you want the details, but the bottom line is, especially during the colder months, frozen vegetables are as good an option as fresh.  Go Green Giant–woohoo!

Later in the evening I tried a DELICIOUS new snack.  I started with these ingredients:

I mashed the banana in the skin before opening, then peeled and placed it into a bowl, mashed it a little more, added 2 TBSP of almond butter, and then zapped it in the microwave for 20 seconds.   Then I added 2 TBSP of coconut flakes on top.

omg, it was YUM!  Like, surprisingly yum.  Like, this can satisfy any sweet craving yum.  To give credit where credit is due, the inspiration for this snack came from another blog (Carrots ‘n’ Cake) here.  (scroll to the very bottom to see the inspiration)  Anyway, this will continue to be a delicious snack option for me.  I ended the night with two slices of heaven:

Publix whole wheat mountain bread + butter!  Alright, here’s all the food i 8 today and the calorie count:

  • scoop of almond butter before the gym
  • broccoli, carrots, + hummus
  • couscous leftovers
  • 1/2 can Amy’s black bean soup
  • Green Giant Healthy Vision mix frozen vegetables (entire package)
  • banana, 2TBSP almond butter, 2TBSP coconut snack
  • 2 slices Publix whole wheat mountain bread + butter


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