Mini goal

Weight this morning:  130.2
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Morning – Body Pump + quick treadmill jog (330 cals burned)
Afternoon – Body Step (490 cals burned)

BLOG CHANGE!  I’m going to start listing my workouts at the top of the blog each day, right after the weight summary.  Ok?  Ok!  Small change, but it it makes is easier for me when I go back to look at my progress.

Now for a small goal I’m setting.  I went back over my posts and found that in my first month, I failed to count calories for 5 days.  In my second month of blogging, I’ve failed to count calories for 7 days already!  Why did I not count calories those 12 days?  2 tailgates, 3 wedding-related days, 1 baby shower, 2 days at my parents’, 2 Thanksgiving days, and 2 days just having fun w/the hubs, eating whatever and enjoying every minute.  As you can see, when it comes to fun events with friends and family, I go a little crazy on the food.  I’m really OK with having these days every now and then and with not being so strict on calories to enjoy these moments called LIFE.  But, I don’t want it to get out of control either.  So, my small goal is to count calories every day until my 2-month blogging anniversary on December 8th.  Done!

Alright, on to the FOOD!  I started today with my usual veggies and hummus, but was feeling hungry pretty early, so I dined with my new best friend–AMY!

Haha, I’m such a nerd.  Anyway, this is basically the “light and lean” version of the burrito I had from Amy’s on Monday.  Monday’s was better.  Hands down.  And only 10 calories more!  So, I’d stick with the smaller, plastic wrapped burritos by Amy’s, not these that come in the box.

Following my afternoon workout, I downed one of these:

Then had a little bit of this (yes, more Green Giant veggie love):

And a little bit of that:

And ended the night with this delicious “healthy dessert” I discovered last night and was so excited to eat again:

Mashed banana, almond butter, and coconut flakes–yum!  Here’s the list and cals (below).  The freakin’ weeken’ is almost here, woohoo!  It’s going to be a fun one for me!!!

  • scoop of almond butter pre-workout
  • broccoli, carrots, + hummus
  • Amy’s bean and cheese burrito + 2TBSP Publix medium salsa
  • Naked Green Machine juice
  • Green Giant Healthy Vision frozen veggies (entire package)
  • Publix whole wheat mountain bread + butter
  • banana, almond butter, coconut deliciousness


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