ice cream therapy

Weight this morning:  129.8
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  15-minute walk/jog on treadmill (125 cals burned)

Today I drove back home because all good things (fun times) must end!  I was in a rush to get home and the only thing I had in the car food-wise was some of the sugar cookies I baked burned last night, so I ate a few of those to hold me over.  I made an appointment at our university health clinic as an attempt to figure out this sore throat madness (yes, it’s till KILLING me today), so I went straight to the appointment when I got into town.  The result:  Dr thinks it’s just a sore throat, and she informed me that sore throats can sometimes last up to 10 days–TEN DAYS, ick!  She still tested for strep, and I’ll get the results tomorrow.

The health clinic has a new fitness area, too, so I hit up the treadmill to try to get in some quick cardio.  Ummm…that didn’t last long.  Breathing heavy out of my mouth = PAIN and drinking water also = PAIN, so I lasted about 15 minutes.

I rushed home, got ready, grabbed a Lara Bar on the go, and headed to campus to teach.


The amazing thing about Lara Bars is the simplicity of their ingredients.


Yep, that’s right, just three simple ingredients…no “franken-gredients”, as I’ve heard them referred to.  And of course, it was delicious!  The pecans and almonds were a little painful going down my sore throat, so after I taught (and my throat was ON FIRE from all that talking), I decided it was high time for this:


Yes, a little ice cream therapy.  Ahhh it really soothed the throat!  I went for the best combo of low-price/low-cal, and decided on this Publix brand of low-fat ice cream.  It’s vanilla with swirls of fudge, which was perfect for me since I couldn’t really handle chunks of deliciousness today (i.e., cookie dough, brownie bits, Heath etc).  I also picked up some of these gems, which were on sale for buy one, get one free.


I decided to go with the butternut squash variety for today, again, since it had the least amount of “extras” in it that might scratch my throat.  It was the perfect light, mushy ending that I needed for today.


I didn’t really have a huge appetite today, which is why the list of the food i 8 today is quite short!

  • 3 sugar cookies
  • Lara Bar (pecan pie)
  • nibbles of ice cream to soothe throat
  • Garden Lites butternut squash souffle
  • 1 cup of ice cream


Here’s to a better throat tomorrow!  (c’mon, you have to admit that 10 days of this would be CRAZY!)

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