On the road again

Weight this morning:  129.2
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  10 minute treadmill jog + Body Pump (400 cals burned)

I hit the road this morning for another out-of-town adventure.  This time, it’s work-related.  And this time, I brought my husband along for the fun!  Of course, I had to start the car ride off with my fave road trip food:


Veggie 6″ sub + Diet Coke.  We stayed at a family member’s place for the night, and right when we got there I had some mashed banana and almond butter–yum!


We then proceeded to do a little last-minute shopping for some work clothes, and then we hit up a fun burger joint for dinner.  We started with a fries + cheese appetizer.  We were expecting a “loaded fries” type dish, but it was more like McDonald’s-looking fries and a 4 cheese + beer cheese.  Omg, the cheese was SO GOOD, but they could totally up their fries game.


They had a fun sauce bar, too, so we tried (left to right) the toasted marshmallow, sweet chili pepper ketchup, classic ranch, and BBQ.  The toasted marshmallow was so good and interesting and would go perfect with sweet potato fries!  I also had 1/2 of a delicious black bean veggie burger, but I forgot to take a picture!  I ended the night by trying one of their “baked fresh twice daily” white chocolate macadamia nut cookies.


Ok, here’s all the food i 8 today:

  • 6″ Subway veggie sub on wheat
  • medium banana + 2TBSP almond butter
  • french fries + cheese dip
  • 1/2 a black bean veggie burger
  • white chocolate macadamia nut cookie



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