TWO months and counting!

Weight this morning:  129.8
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  treadmill jog and elliptical machine for about 20 mins each (360 cals burned)

Ugh that late night pizza was sitting like a rock in my stomach this morning–bad idea, but I was hungry at the time!

Busy day at the conference!  No pictures of food, unfortunately.  I know–NO FUN.  I do, however, have my list of the food i 8 today along with the calories.

  • small blueberry muffin
  • buffet lunch –> didn’t have a huge appetite, so I stuck just a few bites of each:  salad, butternut squash ravioli, string beans and carrots, tomato soup and bread, apple pie
  • cocktail hour –> glass of chardonnay, a bit of guac + zucchini, a bit of pasta
  • California Pizza kitchen – 1/2 of a Cali Veggie pizza
  • Ben and Jerry’s frozen yogurt–yum!


AAAAAAND…it’s my 2-month blog-iversary!  Although I am still sitting roughly 4-5 pounds from my goal, I do have some things to be proud of from this past month:

  • I reached a mini goal to track my calories every single day from 11/29 through my next month of blogging (i.e., no going crazy, “cheat” days during that time)
  • I didn’t see a single day this month at 133 pounds, which is an improvement over my first month of blogging.
  • I am at my conference right now and I usually dread wearing my “business dresses” because I have to suck in my tummy the entire time and they fit a little snug.  This time around, the dresses fit perfectly, and I felt much better about my stomach area.
  • My weight is really sticking around 129 these days, and I want to get closer to that 125 goal, but I know next month is going to bring with it the holidays and many temptations.
  • In the end…slow progress is still progress!

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