Holiday edition of the food i 8!

Weight this morning:  131.6
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  bike ride with my nieces and husband (no clue how many cals burned!)

First of all, today was an AMAZING day filled with my joyful nieces, loving family, lots of giving, many laughs, a few temper tantrums, delicious food, good conversation, and LOVE!  But I have to say:  Phew…I am officially in food coma mode!  As I mentioned yesterday, there was no calorie-counting today.  I am super careful and good with my food choices most of the time, so I wanted to take some time to let myself indulge in the foods that I love most over the holidays.  Today I did just that!  Starting with some post-present-opening monkey bread.

20121225_monkeyAnd the evening ended with some of this:




Yes, that is my brother with his crazy tattoos in the picture.  It’s his “debut” on my blog, haha.  I actually told him over the holidays that I have this blog, and he showed ZERO interest, so now I refuse to tell him anything more about it!  Ah, sibling love.  Alright, so in between the monkey bread and the desserts (pistachio/jelly/cannoli roll and cannolis), I of course stuffed my face with many more delectable items, so let’s just get straight to it–the food i 8 today, holiday edition!

  • Breakfast:  monkey bread
  • Appetizers:  carrots + guac, celery + peanut butter, veggie stromboli bread (thanks for making it veggie, dad!), cheese + crackers, spinach dip + bread, tomato + mozzarella
  • Dinner:  1/2 a sweet potato, green bean casserole, a buttered roll
  • Dessert:  (as if I didn’t go crazy enough on the apps, here’s where I went a little beyond crazy!)  1/2 a slice of the cannoli cake, a cannoli, rice krispie treat, cupcake, AND Italian honey balls

Stick a fork in me, I’M DONE!!!  Happy holidays everyone!

oh, and PS, I am cleaning up my act over the next few days and will step back on the scale on either Friday or Saturday mornings.  I DO NOT want to see what the scale has to say tomorrow morning, hehe.  I’ll save myself the guilt and give my body some time to recover.

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