oooh la la, creme brulee!

Weight this morning:  131.0
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  5-min warm-up jog + hour-long bike ride

I finally had the courage to step on the scale today!!!  Not too shabby, I must say.  As for today, I lazed around, played games, and watched “Brave” with my nieces.  It was a relaxing day.  I had my banana + peanut butter combo…


… and later I munched on some Publix spinach dip with carrots and veggie straws.  Yum!  Veggie straws are so so good and pretty low-cal.  You can have 39 of those puppies for just 130 cals–not too shabby.



I finally hit the road around 3pm for a long bike ride.  The weather was beautiful!  Tonight we made plans to go out to eat for dinner with one of my dad’s friends from way back and his wife at their vacation home near a beach here.  So, I didn’t want to eat too much to spoil our fancy dinner later.  But, the snacks I had earlier weren’t holding me over, so I sliced up some of a Pistachio mini loaf of bread that my mom had leftover from earlier this week.  It. was. delish.  I had it with a Diet Cherry Coke.  Been drinking way too many of these this week!



We had some pre-dinner snacks (cheese and crackers) and then bread and butter at the restaurant, so for dinner I just had a light salad.

20121229_saladAnd of course, I had plenty of room to split a dessert with my sister.


We went for the delicious and light creme brulee.  Soooo good!  Overall, it was a great evening filled with delicious food!  G’nite all!  Oh, the official lists are below.

  • banana + 2TBSP Planters peanut butter
  • Publix spinach dip + one serving of Publix carrot coins + 1/2 serving of veggie straws
  • 2 small slices of Pistachio bread mini loaf
  • cheese + crackers
  • bread + butter
  • veggie salad
  • creme brulee + bites of a brownie dessert



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