Chicago style pizza

Weight this morning:  132.0
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

workout:  hour-long jog/walk outside (400 cals burned)

Today I started out with some exercise.  As I walked around the neighborhood, I came across this sidewalk message.  I love finding inspiration along the way!


When I got home I had a bowl of mashed up banana and this:


Thanks, mom!  She got this buy-one-get-one-free at Publix a couple weeks ago.  I knew we had plans for pizza this evening, so I tried to keep things light during the day.  I caved a couple hours before dinner, though, and munched on some leftover veggie stromboli bread from last week.  Thanks, dad!  haha

Anyway, dinner tonight was a treat!  We went to a Chicago style pizzeria.  It takes about a half hour for these massive pizzas to finish, so we started off with some parmesean fries.

20130107_friesThen, it was time for the main event!

20130107_pizzaWe went with the deep dish with garlic broccoli.  It was soooo soo good, but I could only do one slice and some bites of my husband’s leftover crust.  We couldn’t let this indulgent meal go without dessert, so we stopped by Publix on the way home since they had a BOGO deal on Ben and Jerry’s pints.  I went with the half-baked fro-yo.

20130107_froyoSo…this is supposed to be a blog to help me on my WEIGHT LOSS journey, but if you’ve been reading lately, you can see that my food intake shows I haven’t exactly been aligned with that goal.  Tomorrow is my “Monday”, my “first day of 2013”, my fresh start on new years goals, etc. etc.  I’m excited to get back on track!

Here’s all the food i 8 today along with cals:

  • banana + Planters peanut butter
  • some veggie stromboli bread
  • parmesean french fries
  • deep dish pizza slice (and a half-ish?)
  • Ben and Jerry’s half baked fro-yo



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