Helllooooo from New Orleans, Louisiana!!!!  I’m doing a quick post in the hotel lobby to sum up yesterday.  Sorry I didn’t post last night–no internet in our room.

Disclaimer:  While on vacation, there will be no scales, calorie-counting, food rules, or tracking exercise calories…it’s VACATION–viva la indulgence!

Alright, we had a bit of a drive to get here, so along the way I got my favorite road trip food.



When we arrived at the hotel, my husband was exhausted from the drive and wanted to take a little cat nap.  Since I napped quite a bit on the drive (hehe), I took the opportunity to check out the fitness center at the hotel and hit the treadmill for a bit.  Here’s a pic of the view from my treadmill–pretty cool!



We were in an area that was walking distance from the French Quarter, but very close to the Saints football arena–the Superdome.



So we were finally ready to head to the French Quarter around 3:30pm.  We were absolutely starving, but decided to grab a couple drinks to get the night started right.  We started with hand grenades from Tropical Isle.



Followed by hurricanes from Pat O’Briens.



I was feeling pretty darn good at that point, so we needed some food!  Based on recommendations from some friends, we ate at a placed called Coops in the French Quarter.  We started with some FRIED mushrooms–delish!



And I actually found the one place in the area that had a veggie burger!



Afterward we swung by Cafe Du Monde and ate some delicious beignets, but I forgot to take a picture.  At that point the drinks from earlier REALLY started to hit me, and I was DONE.  I had to get back to the hotel fast–I was feeling pretty sick!  So, we were in bed by 8pm haha.  I woke up at 1am and we went downstairs to get some water, soda, and a bag of combos.  That was the end of our night–it started strong, but ended quickly.  A really fun time, though!

Food i 8 today:

  • Subway –> 6″ veggie delite + cookie
  • Hand grenade drink
  • Hurricane drink
  • fried mushrooms
  • veggie burger + fries
  • beignets
  • combos

Now we’re going to spend a bit more time in NOLA and then head to the casino town of Biloxi, Mississippi.  Fun times!!!


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  1. Enjoy your vacation! I have the same rule, no worrying too much about food while on vacation. I don’t go totally nuts, but I don’t watch too close either.

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