Scale, let’s just get along…

Weight this morning: 131.8
Low weight: 128.6
Goal weight: 125
Height: 5’6″

Workout: none–rest day

Since I got back from my vacation on Monday I haven’t seen the scale dropping like I’m used to.  😦  I’ve been working out like a crazy woman, keeping my calories in check, and still it hasn’t really wavered.  Although I’ve had a few bad food choices mixed in there (some white bread, dessert, and pizza), I haven’t gone crazy with the junk at all.  Le sigh…here’s to a better week and getting along with the scale!

Even though I didn’t work out this morning, I still started the day with my favorite protein shake!


Later in the morning we drove a couple hours to my husband’s family’s for lunch followed by a family photo session. The lunch was simple–soup and sandwiches.  After the photo session, we took my brother-in-law to dinner at Outback Steakhouse for his big 3-0!  Then, we made the drive back home.  I was feeling a little hungry, so I whipped up a banana + almond butter snack.


And now I’m calling it a night!  I have an early spin class scheduled, so I need to start winding down soon.  Gotta get a good night’s rest!

Food i 8 today:

  • protein shake –> 1/2 C spring mix, 1/2 C almond milk, 1 TBSP sunbutter, 1 scoop Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder, 1/2 frozen banana
  • bowl of vegetable and bean soup
  • slice of Publix white mountain bread + butter
  • slice of Publix vanilla glazed cake
  • Outback –> side salad with tangy tomato dressing + cup of creamy onion soup
  • 1/2 banana + 1 TBSP almond butter



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