Light day, heavy night

Weight this morning:  129.0
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  Spinning (400 cals burned) + Pilates (175 cals burned)

Our spin instructor gave us a heads up earlier in the week that she would have treats for us today, and knowing she’s super fit and eats Paleo, I knew I could count on a healthy and satisfying snack.  She did not disappoint!  She made DELICIOUS brownies with chocolate protein powder, banana, almond butter, coconut, etc.  And she gave us juuust a little square, which was perfect!


Oh, and yes I realized after the fact that you can totally see it’s 7:04am, I have half a tank of gas, my CD player is on track 3 (of the new Zac Brown Band CD–love it!), and my heat is set at 90 degrees…yes, I’m always cold!

Ok, so why did I have a “light day” eating today…today on the day of LOVE and indulgence and sweets?  Well, the reason is two-fold.  First, my husband had a work banquet tonight (so yes, our Vday plans were made for us), and I happened to want to look svelte in my business casual dress.  😉  But more importantly, because tomorrow is…


So tomorrow I hope to indulge in plenty of carbs, birthday cake, jello shots, candy, etc.  hehehe.  Now, I’m not planning on going crazy in the food/drink department, but if I feel so inclined, I don’t want to feel guilty for having two terrible eating days in a row.  So, I tried my best to keep it light during the day.


Lunch was last night’s leftovers from Chilis–1/2 a black bean burger patty with 1 TBSP salsa and 1/2 a side of broccoli.

And although it doesn’t look too appetizing, my afternoon snack was 1/2 a mashed banana mixed with 1 TBSP of freshly ground almond butter.


Dinner was basically a side salad and a vegetable plate followed by a sampling of carrot cake and apple pie.  I HAD to have some chocolate in my life today, so after the banquet we proceeded to Publix to get a fun chocolate chip cookie dessert for me.  I definitely went a little crazy on the desserts tonight–sooo good!

Food i 8 today:

  • homemade chocolate protein brownie
  • Chili’s leftovers –> 1/2 black bean burger patty, 1 TBSP salsa, 1/2 side of broccoli
  • 1/2 mashed banana + 1 TBSP almond butter
  • banquet dinner –> side salad with house dressing, vegetable plate, small pieces of carrot cake and apple pie
  • Publix chocolate chip cookie sandwich



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