Food peer pressure

Weight this morning:  129.2
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  Body Attack + Body Pump (680 cals burned)

I started off this glorious Saturday with a slice of Ezekiel bread, toasted, with Bonnie’s raspberry jam spread on top.


After my workout, I had a protein smoothie with my fave protein powder!


Then I hit the road for a weekend trip to see my friend in a dressage show (it’s a competitive equestrian sport).  I had a black bean salad from Moe’s before going to the show, but I forgot to take a picture.  I also had a coconut date roll to hold me over until dinner.

For dinner (sorry, I also couldn’t take pictures), we went out to a local restaurant that had just about anything you could imagine on the menu…except good vegetarian options!  I opted for a side salad and two veggie sides (creamed spinach and a squash mix).  I was good with that, but warm bread with olive oil came to the table first.  Everyone at the table (there were 7 of us total) immediately reached for the bread, and then turned to me and asked, “You’re not having bread??!!!”  So of course, I felt the pressure of being the “weirdo who’s trying to eat healthy and doesn’t want to eat white bread”, so I quickly said, “of course I am!” and grabbed a piece.

Then we had tableside guacamole made as an appetizer, and of course I HAD to try this specialty of the restaurant’s.  I didn’t mind this too much since quac is mostly healthy (and I LOVE it), except for the few chips I had to pair with it.

After dinner, someone brought up dessert.  All the girls at the table were in, and as they turned to me, of course I had to say, “Count me in!”  I ended up splitting a carrot cake with someone.

Now, I know I didn’t HAVE to eat the bread, guac + chips, or dessert, but I really felt like such a…pooper, downer, non-adventurer…by just sticking to my salad and veggies.  The one thing I was able to avoid was ordering an alcoholic beverage, but all in all, I do find this “food peer pressure” difficult to overcome at times.  I don’t like being looked at like I’m some sort of fitness/health freak who can’t loosen up and have a good time.  So, I’ll probably go on giving into this peer pressure.  It’s a good thing I don’t go out to eat in big groups like this too often at all!

Food i 8 today:

  • slice of Ezekiel bread + 1 TBSP Bonnie’s raspberry jam
  • protein shake –> 1/2 C spinach, 1/2 C almond milk, 1 TBSP sunbutter, 1 scoop Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder, 1/2 banana
  • coconut date roll
  • dinner out –> bread + olive oil, a few chips + guac, side salad, 1/2 creamed spinach, squash veggie mix, 1/2 carrot cake



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