Gainesville eats

Weight this morning:  130.8
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  none.  (rest day)

I ate way too much today!  😦

I’m writing this after I just downed this yummy piece of vegan chocolate cake:



No, I didn’t eat ALL of it…ok, really I ate all the cake part and left some of the icing behind.  But, let me back up!

This morning we went to watch my friend ride in her equestrian dressage show.  It was really fun to go out and support her!  After her performance, we had an early lunch (since we skipped breakfast) at Burrito Bros. Taco Co.  This picture is awful, but I’ll share it anyway.



I went for the sweet potato and black bean burrito.  A weird combo, yes, but a delicious combo!  I brought back some macadamia nut Publix cookies to everyone at the show and had one myself.  🙂

We watched more horses riding around, ran some errands at Walmart, the mall, and Trader Joe’s (woohoo), and then we were ready for an early dinner.

We went to another AMAZING Gainesville restaurant (thank you Yelp and Urbanspoon for pointing us in the right direction!)  We checked out a place called The Top, which offers plenty of vegetarian options and many non-veg options as well (for the hubby).  We were starving when we got to dinner, so we began with the acclaimed creamed corn nuggets.


And yes, the decor was eclectic.  😉  For our entrees, my husband went with a bbq burger on a pretzel bun + sweet potato fries, which he LOVED.  I opted for a spinach, goat cheese, and pecan salad topped with pecan-crusted tofu.


It. was. amazing.  Of course, I ordered the vegan chocolate cake to go (since all the yelpers said I HAD to), and it was divine.  I drove home and then ate it before typing this to you!  That’s about it for my weekend…definitely ready for a good gym session and healthy eats tomorrow!

Food i 8 today:

  • sweet potato + black bean burrito
  • small macadamia nut Publix cookie
  • 1/2 order of corn nuggets
  • spinach, goat cheese, pecan salad with tofu
  • chocolate cake



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