Tropical Smoothie day (Saturday eats)

Weight this morning:  128.6
Low weight:  128.4
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  schlepping boxes from 9:30am-4:30pm

Today we were excited to help my in-laws move from a third story apartment to a house!  We put something in our bellies first thing this morning to prepare us for all the hard work ahead.  We stopped in Tropical Smoothie for some smoothies.  I went with an Island Green, which includes pineapple, banana, mango, spinach, kale, and turbinado sugar.


It was SO tasty, which means next time I should try it with no sugar added and see how it tastes.  There’s so much sugar in the fruit, I wonder if I’d really need the extra sugar they add.

After a few hours of moving  we took a break for lunch.  My in-laws had a craving for Tropical Smoothie, so we went back!  I had the most DELICIOUS pita.  It was filled with peanut butter, banana, honey, and granola.  That combo is right up my alley.  So good!

After we finished moving around 4:30pm, we went to visit some other family, and when I was offered a slice of Publix lemon cake, I just couldn’t say no!



After that cake it all went downhill.  We went to an early dinner soon after, and I wasn’t too hungry since I just had cake, so I just got a side of broccoli and munched on some of my husband’s fries.  Then when we got home I had a couple handfuls of M&M’s.

Then we went to another SECOND dinner (two nights in a row) at a burrito joint.  I had way too many chips and salsa, a sweet potato empanada that was much larger than I expected (I wolfed it down anyway), one of my husband’s sweet plantains, AND half a slice of Italian cake.  Ugh.  I wasn’t even hungry after that first dinner.  Double ugh.

It’s really tough when we’re out of town and social gatherings revolve around food!  We want to meet up with so many family members and friends, but that usually means we’re meeting up for food or drinks.  Granted, I could refrain from both and just enjoy the social interaction, but I’ve yet to do that.  🙂

Food i 8 today:

  • Tropical Smoothie Island Green smoothie
  • Tropical Smoothie Peanut Butter Banana Crunch flatbread
  • slice of Publix lemon cake
  • side of broccoli
  • few bites of my husband’s french fries
  • a couple handfuls of M&Ms
  • chips and salsa
  • sweet potato empanada
  • one sweet plantain
  • 1/2 slice of Italian cake

That’s a LOT of food for me.  I need to tighten up and show some self control!


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