a lil baking

Weight this morning:  130.2
Low weight:  128.4
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  upper body workout

This morning I drank A LOT of water to try to clean out all that bad food from yesterday!  I started off with my protein shake, a couple spoonfuls of the leftover corn from yesterday, and a couple bites of my leftover cookie before I tossed the rest.

Then I drove down to my parents’ place for the weekend–woohoo!  I’m going to see my niece play in a volleyball tournament tomorrow, and it’s my sister’s birthday tomorrow, too, so we’re having a party at night.

Right when I got to my parents’ I had a little cheese and crackers appetizer with my dad that really filled me up.  So for dinner, I just snacked on some veggies.



But don’t worry, there was plenty of post-dinner taste-testing in the kitchen, as I munched on Easter candy and some baked treats that I whipped up for tomorrow’s celebration!  (ahem…these are not “from scratch” baked goods…let’s just say they’re semi-homemade hehe).

20130412_ cookie


Iced sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies.



Chocolate cupcakes with either buttercream frosting or vanilla frosting and sprinkles.

That’s about it for today!

Food i 8 today:

  • protein shake –> 1 C spinach, 1 C almond milk, 1 TBSP sunbutter, 1 scoop Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder, 1/2 banana
  • a few bites of leftover fire roasted corn
  • a couple bites of a leftover double chocolate cookie
  • cheese and crackers
  • broccoli and potatoes
  • Easter candy, cupcake and cookie batter, a cookie, icing, etc….BAD NEWS!

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