gluten-free pizza

Weight this morning:  132.0 creeping up there…eek!
Low weight:  128.4
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  2.25 mile walk

I woke up this morning and then went to the 10:30am matinee showing of the new Star Trek movie!  I have never seen a Star Trek episode or movie, but we’ve been hearing really good things about this movie, so we decided to check it out today.  It was a really great movie, I must say.  Very entertaining from start to finish.

Afterward, we were more than ready to fill our bellies.  Despite me needing to get my act together on the healthy food front, we opted for a pizza joint.  And much to my surprise, they started offering a gluten-free crust that I just HAD to try.  Of course, we started with the gluten-filled parmesean pretzels just in case we didn’t like the pizza…at least we could enjoy the real deal in our appetizer.  😉


The pretzels were absolutely delicious, per usual.  Then it was onto the main event…


It was a lot…thinner…than expected.  This place is KNOWN for it’s fluffy, delicious crust, so I was incorrectly expecting the GF crust to also be thick and fluffy.  Alas, it was not, but we forged ahead.  Overall conclusion:  it was alright.  It was by no means BAD nor tasted funny at all.  It was just eh.  I would probably stick to the original crust in the future just because I love it so much, but this is a great alternative for those with gluten intolerance issues.

Since that meal accounted for 90% of my recommended calorie intake for the day ;-)…I decided to end the night with this small edamame salad from The Fresh Market.



Aaaaaand then I proceeded to eat 3 cookies from TFM.  And now I’m mad at myself again…grrrr!  I need to do something to get my butt in gear!

Food i 8 today:

  • 1 parmesean pretzel
  • 2 slices of GF mushroom pizza
  • .25 lb of edamame cranberry salad from TFM
  • 3 cookies from TFM 😦

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