An early Friday weigh-in #3

I was bad this week. Real bad!  Graduation weekend entailed Mexican food, sangria, beer, champagne toasts, lasagna, cheeseballs, cake, cannolis, and cookies.  My eats at the conference included pizza, fries, tater tots, a brownie, a black and white cookie (or two), and more drinking.  Both events were tons of fun!

This all translates into a scale reading of…..  –> 134.2!  I’m up.  By a few pounds.  I knew I would be.  I wanted to face the music this Thursday morning, so I did.

Today was my first day of work at the university, too!  We celebrated with a faculty lunch that included a falafel pita and dinner at a fave pizza joint with the hubs.  I am enjoying life.  The scale is up, but that’s ok.  No exercise will do that.  Life events will do that.

Routine, healthy meals, regular exercise, cooking, eating in more…all around the corner.  It’s been a fun-filled week.  Happy weekend to you!!!


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