Hello there!  I am a late 20-something gal from the southeast U.S. who created this blog for one reason:  ACCOUNTABILITY!  I have found that keeping a personal journal of my food intake (and “offsetting” exercise) has been one great source of accountability, but I think committing to blogging daily about the food I eat will make me even more determined.

A little more about me:  I am a vegetarian with vegan tendencies.  I love group fitness classes, particularly Les Mills classes.  I am a PhD student and college instructor.  I am married to the most handsome, kind, hilarious, and loving man.  (awwwww)  I’m into celebrity gossip and TV–hey, it’s my escape.  I also really like reading pop culture fiction.  I’ll choose dessert over an entree any day, the more “carb-a-licious”, the better!  I cook sparingly, but am working on it.  Maintaining/losing weight is not easy for me.  It takes work.  I cannot eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and stay thin.  I struggle daily, too.  Believe me!

A little more about my blog:  I. love. food.  Don’t we all?  I love reading what people eat on a day-to-day basis, learning quick snack ideas, trying out new recipes, and experiencing new foods.  So, I’ll share with you my eats every day.  I will also weigh in and record my weight on a daily basis, strictly to keep myself accountable.  While I do strive to eat mindfully and healthily day in and day out, there are definitely days where I fall off the wagon.  So, this is NOT a health food blog, but rather a “food log” blog.  🙂

Considering I will be posting my weight daily, I’m not quiiiiiite ready to reveal my identity :), but maybe that will come with time.  I appreciate your support along the way.  Happy eating!


4 responses

  1. Detailed journals I never see from a personal perspective, you are really paying a lot of effort on the journey! I am a master student studying nutrition, but I don’t always think about really counting calories; instead I count about foods choices I make. It will be very interesting to see how different ways work towards a healthier life.
    Good luck!!

    • It really does take quite a bit of effort to log my food choices like this, but I am enjoying it so far! It makes me think twice about snacking and having a bite of this or that throughout the day. Thank you for stopping by!

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