Out n about all weekend

Saturday and Sunday were filled with LOTS of errands and of course…eating!  We were furniture window shopping, grabbing a few things to spruce up my work office, had a couple trips to the supermarket, and we met with a mortgage broker somewhere in there.

We went to the Sweet Tomatoes buffet for lunch Saturday, and here’s a peek at just some of the many plates of food I consumed:






20130818_ice cream


I’m freakin obSESSED with Sweet Tomatoes.  Love love love it!

Later that night, we hit up happy hour at a local bar where I consumed two Bud Light drafts and 2 potato skins–yum!

Today we started out with lunch at Chipotle.



And dinner at Burger Fi.



And now I’m ready to unwind a bit before I have my FIRST day of teaching (ahem…going over the syllabus) tomorrow–woohoo!

Food i 8 today;

  • Chipotle salad bowl –> lettuce, black beans, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, guacamole
  • VegeFi burger –> quinoa burger patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and ketchup on a multigrain bun
  • feeling a little hungry…maybe a bowl of Vanilla gluten-free Chex cereal soon?

oh buffet…why do you tempt me?

Weight this morning: ??? (no scale w/me)
Low weight:  128.4
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  hour long hike

Another long, full, and fun day in Tennessee!  We went hiking, explored some waterfalls, ate at a Chinese buffet, saw Fast and Furious 6, walked around the downtown area, and then got a delicious, home-cooked meal from my sister-in-law.  I’m wiped out, and I didn’t take any pics again, so here’s the list of all i 8 today.  I wasn’t on my best behavior, but I’m not feeling overly stuffed right now, which is progress.

Food i 8 today:

  • Free hoetl breakfast buffet –> bites of my husband’s Belgian waffle; about half of a blueberry muffin
  • Chinese buffet –> plate of veggies (stir-fried with teriyaki sauce), 2 pieces of an avocado sushi roll, 1/2 a dinner roll, bites of this and that dessert
  • Dinner –> veggie burger over a bed of lettuce with ranch dressing, grilled onions and peppers, a few bites of macaroni salad
  • a delightful strawberry cobbler


Today I was not feeling 100%…ick!  I had a pretty nasty hangover from last night, so I continued to eat a lot of fun food in an attempt to feel better.  I started with breakfast at a placed called Mothers.  So so good!



We stayed in New Orleans for lunch, too, but had a totally non-New Orleans meal.



My husband and I split a small pizza and basket of onion rings while watching some football.  And I had a little something sweet to round out the meal.



We arrived in Biloxi around 5:30pm, relaxed and watched some more football for a bit, and then headed down for some casino play and a buffet dinner.



I did quite a sampling of different items, and now I am feeling fat and happy! 🙂  We are staying at the Hard Rock here, and I’m quite pleased with the hotel and casino so far.

Food i 8 today:

  • Breakfast –> one scrambled egg, about half a pancake, one biscuit
  • Lunch –> about 1/3 of a pizza, a few onion rings, a praline
  • Dinner –> ohhhh goodness, bites of:  veggie lo mein, mac & cheese, corn casserole, cucumber & tomato salad, green beans, hush puppy, ice cream & brownie, cookie, carrot cake, chocolate cake

I am sooooo so full now!  My body is not used to this many calories in a day!  Back on track tomorrow though.  I’m scared to see the damage on the scale.  I may wait a couple days to hop back on.  😉

Get it together!!!

Weight this morning:  ???
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  hour-long jog/walk with the hubby (295 cals burned)

This was my last. day. of gorging myself!  Ugggh I overate again!  And tomorrow I have a 5:15am flight to San Diego for a four-day conference.  I need to stop being so bad.  Get ahold of yourself!!!!  Stop eating everything in sight!!!

ahem, ok.  In lieu of a list of all that I stuffed my face with today and all the calories I consumed, I actually took a fair amount of pictures today, so I’ll leave you with that.  I started at a mall food court and ended at a soup, salad, and bread buffet.  Yes, I said it…a BUFFET!  Whose bright idea was it to hit up my favorite buffet around the holidays?  My sweet husband’s, of course.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I’m still too scared to see what the scale has to say.  If I can get my act together tomorrow, then I’ll take the plunge Thursday morning and check my weight.  Here’s to getting back on track people!!!






o-m-g full

Weight this morning:  130.0
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

It’s been a while since I’ve felt incredibly, uncomfortable, oh-my-goodness full.  I was SO GOOD during the two Thanksgiving meals I ate.  I kept my eating mindful and stopped before I got any feeling of discomfort.  Today was a different story.

It started with some not-so-nutritious bar food.  My husband’s beloved NFL team’s game was not televised on our local channels today, so we headed to a bar to watch it.  Well, I was really doing a little football-watching, and a lot of work.  Yes, I was the nerd at the bar with a laptop!

We ate MORE pizza today while watching the game.  It was a nice, light thin-crust variety though.  Not too heavy at all.  Pretty good for bar food!  I also snagged some cheese fries off my husband’s plate (this is a theme of this past week–he’s ordered way too many fries, and I’ve eaten way too many off his plate!)

The rest of the day consisted of a Sam’s Club trip for some tire work, some more football-watching, a few Breaking Bad episodes on Netflix and packing up for my drive home in the morning!  Oh, and then I had the BRILLIANT idea to hit up one of my favorite soup, salad, and bread buffets in town.  Yes, I said BUFFET…eek!  This is where I lost control.  I started with this:

And ended with this:

And I had waaaaay too many plates of other delicious food in between.  So, all hopes of counting my calories went out the door (pretty much from the moment “buffet” popped into my head), but here’s the official list of the food i 8 today:

  • 1/2 a thin crust mushroom pizza + some cheese fries
  • BUFFET (the amount of bread i 8 is insane):
  • salad
  • vegetable soup
  • small slice of foccacia bread
  • 1/2 piece of cornbread
  • 2 slices of cheese bread
  • 2 mini pumpkin muffins
  • 1 mini blueberry muffin
  • small serving of mac & cheese
  • small serving of a garlic whole wheat pasta dish
  • molten lava chocolate cake + vanilla ice cream
  • more molten lava chocolate cake b/c it was THAT good

I’m uncomfortably full right now.  ugh.  I knew I would feel this way, but I just felt the urge to have one last hoorah before I start “being good” tomorrow.  Smart thinking, genius!  Anyway, I can’t even think about the calories, just gotta think about having a GOOD, CLEAN week.  Back atcha tomorrow!

Take me home tonight!

Weight this morning: ??? (woke up in a hotel; no scale)
Goal weight: 125
Height:  5’6″

Today was the final day of our trip…NINE hours in the car to get back home.  I was a bit hungover this morning from wedding # 2 last night ;-), so I was craving something greasy this morning.  Later in our ride, we also found the cutest country buffet restaurant on some back roads.  This was the THIRD buffet of this weekend–craziness!  Ok, here’s what i 8:

  • value-sized onion rings from Burger King + diet coke
  • country buffet –> assortment of salads (pictured below), small portions of a broccoli casserole, squash casserole, mac & cheese, collared greens, peach cobbler, apple crisp, a bite of bread pudding that I wasn’t fond of, a slice of chocolate cake
  • frozen yogurt!

Ok, tomorrow I am back to my calorie-counting routine.  I had so much fun over this long weekend, enjoyed spending time with friends and family, and ate some really tasty food.  I was too scared to step on the scale this evening, but will do first thing in the morning and report back.  I hope I didn’t do too much damage with all the weekend indulgences!

Buffet Bliss

Weight this morning: ??? (woke up in a hotel…without a scale)
Goal weight: 125
Height:  5’6″

Ok, so today we woke up, ate breakfast, showered, and then hit the road for roughly 6 hours.  We ate lunch and a couple snacks while on the road and then ate dinner at a Chinese BUFFET tonight.  Oye vey, buffets are tough for this calorie-countin gal!  I’ll try to recap everything I had (below), but I’m sad to say, I KNOW I’m over my calorie count again today.  😦

What i 8 today:

  • McDonald’s egg McMuffin sandwich (sans ham)
  • 6” Subway sandwich (no cheese) with veggies and mustard
  • ½ of a KIND bar
  • ½ of a Snickers ice cream bar
  • Teriyaki stir fry à broccoli, onions, mushrooms, zucchini
  • 2 pieces of veggie sushi
  • Veggie lo mein
  • Veggie fried rice
  • String beans
  • Peanut butter cookie
  • Some pineapple chunks
  • A sweet roll
  • A coconut macaroon
  • A fortune cookie

Ugggh, it was so tough to resist all the goodies on the buffet line!  Note to self:  AVOID buffets when trying to count calories!  Haha, I should have known this and put down my foot, but it was all too tempting.  Alright, wedding #2 is tomorrow night, so let’s see if I can exhibit some self-control for once this weekend!  😉