Out n about all weekend

Saturday and Sunday were filled with LOTS of errands and of course…eating!  We were furniture window shopping, grabbing a few things to spruce up my work office, had a couple trips to the supermarket, and we met with a mortgage broker somewhere in there.

We went to the Sweet Tomatoes buffet for lunch Saturday, and here’s a peek at just some of the many plates of food I consumed:






20130818_ice cream


I’m freakin obSESSED with Sweet Tomatoes.  Love love love it!

Later that night, we hit up happy hour at a local bar where I consumed two Bud Light drafts and 2 potato skins–yum!

Today we started out with lunch at Chipotle.



And dinner at Burger Fi.



And now I’m ready to unwind a bit before I have my FIRST day of teaching (ahem…going over the syllabus) tomorrow–woohoo!

Food i 8 today;

  • Chipotle salad bowl –> lettuce, black beans, fajita veggies, pico de gallo, guacamole
  • VegeFi burger –> quinoa burger patty, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and ketchup on a multigrain bun
  • feeling a little hungry…maybe a bowl of Vanilla gluten-free Chex cereal soon?

leftovers for lunch

Today I woke up with an appetite, so I whipped up my go-to protein smoothie for breakfast.




I worked at the computer for most of the morning, ran out for some errands around noon, and stopped back home around 2pm for lunch.  It was a leftovers kind of day!



That would be the last zucchini boat from last night’s dinner (stuffed with chickpeas, mushrooms, onions, and other fun stuff) and a slice of California Pizza Kitchen veggie pizza from lunch yesterday.  Good stuff!

A little while later, I was jonesin’ for something sweet, and I had some fun treats from our Whole Foods haul yesterday that were calling my name.  But, I wanted to keep it healthy, so I opted for 1/2 banana + 1 TBSP natural peanut butter.  That did the trick!

We went to BurgerFi for dinner tonight.  I’m obsessed with their quinoa burger, so I was one happy camper!




Later in the evening, I finished off the other half of the vegan blueberry-lemon scone from Whole Foods.  It was omg-good!




Food i 8 today:

  • protein smoothie –> 3/4 C almond milk, 1 C spinach, 1 scoop Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder, 1 TBSP crunchy sunbutter, 1/2 banana, ice!
  • 1 zucchini boat
  • 1 slice leftover pizza
  • 1/2 banana + 1 TBSP peanut butter
  • quinoa burger with “lettuce bun” + 2 bites of a jumbo onion ring
  • 1/2 of a vegan blueberry-lemon scone from Whole Foods

Disappointing Dessert

Weight this morning:  130.4
Low weight:  128.4
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  25-minute jog/walk

I did some work this morning and then went on a short jog/walk in the early afternoon.  My foot is sore from all the walking this weekend, which is frustrating!  I guess this means it’s not completely healed.  I think I’m going to rest it again…or at least try to not be on it as much.

First up on the food agenda was my go-to protein shake.


After this I had a snack of some vegetable chips, as well as cucumbers and hummus.


I ended up eating only half of those cucumbers…I thought I could do an entire one, but I didn’t make it.

Dinner was one of our Orlando faves–BurgerFi.  I went with my usual quinoa burger (no cheese) on lettuce wraps in lieu of a bun.



Dessert came in the form of a Publix strawberry cake with buttercream frosting.


It actually wasn’t as satisfying as I anticipated.  I shouldn’t have eaten it.  It wasn’t that great.  I’ll remember that for next time!

Food i 8 today:

  • protein shake –> 1 C spinach, 3/4 C almond milk, 1 TBSP sunbutter, 1 scoop Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder, 1/2 banana
  • vegetable chips
  • 1/2 cucumber + Publix jalapeno & cilantro hummus
  • quinoa burger on lettuce wraps with pickle, onions, and ketchup
  • 1/2 of a huge onion ring
  • slice of Publix cake

upper body pyramid workout

Weight this morning:  129.8
Low weight:  128.4
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  upper body strength (see below)

So I hurt my foot a little while back.  I maybe just pulled something in the arch/ball area of my right foot.  I think it happened during the fitness challenge at my gym when I was attending LOTS of group fitness classes.  I kind of ignored it for a while, but now every time I do an intense cardio class or spend the bulk of a day walking (or moving an in-law), it starts to bother me again.  Anyway, in an attempt to let this minor foot injury heel, I’m giving it a rest this week.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t go crazy with an upper body workout!

All I have to work with here are two 10-pound weights.  I found a  workout from Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers (this post).  It looked good enough for me, so I went with it.  It’s a pyramid workout that includes:

  • 10 pushups
  • 20 dips
  • 30 bicep curls
  • 40 second plank
  • 50 tummy tuck planks (I subbed for 50 bicycle crunches to minimize the pressure on my foot)
  • 40 second plank
  • 30 bicep curls
  • 20 dips
  • 10 pushups

I went through the pyramid twice and it took me about 20 minutes.  Quick and effective.  But, onto the important stuff…FOOD!

I brought my protein on this trip, so I whipped up a smoothie today.


We went to an Orlando favorite–BurgerFi–for a late lunch/early dinner.  I went with  a double-quinoa burger with lettuce leaves instead of a bun.  I topped it with ketchup, pickles, onions, and tomato.  SO GOOD!


The hubs ordered a boatload of onion rings, and I had the smallest one in the pile (which was still rather large).


I grabbed an Anzac cookie from the Drunken Monkey cafe for dessert.


It was a pretty good day of eats!

Food i 8 today:

  • protein shake –> 1 C spinach, 1 C almond milk, 1 TBSP Trader Joe’s creamy almond butter, 1 scoop Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder, 1/2 banana
  • quinoa burger @ BurgerFi
  • a smallish jumbo onion ring
  • Anzac cookie from Drunken Monkey
  • a few bites of Trader Joe’s creamy almond butter