the celebration continues…

Weight this morning:  129.6
Low weight:  128.6
Goal weight:  125
Height:  5’6″

Workout:  Body Attack class (400 cals burned)

Today was a busy one!  It was my last day in town before going away for TWO WEEKS.  I’ll be at my parents’ for a little over a week, and then I’m headed to San Diego for a conference, so I had a lot of running around to do before we hit the road to drive to my parents.  Everything started out great:

20121221_subwayYep, my standard road trip food–veggie Subway sub.  This time I also got a delicious cookie!


And then we got Chipotle later in the evening.


And then I went to a party at my cousins’ house and…basically…all hell broke loose!  Haha, I’ll spare you the details, and just sum it all up in the list of the food i 8 today below:

  • 6″ veggie subway sub + cookie
  • Chipotle veggie salad
  • 2 glasses of champagne, most of a Bud Light, and 3 shots concocted by my sister, the ex-bartender
  • Party food:  white rice + peppers and onions, slice of bread + butter, slice of cake, 2 mini cannolis, wheat thin crackers
  • Back at my parents:  WAY too many cookies to keep track of!

As with most nights when I start drinking, I ended up consuming far too many calories by the end of the night.  I feel full and gross right now!  I hope I can get back on track tomorrow, but I’ll be going out AGAIN with high school friends from back home, so who knows what the night will entail!  The scale won’t be moving in the right direction, but I’ll sure be having fun!  🙂


Take me home tonight!

Weight this morning: ??? (woke up in a hotel; no scale)
Goal weight: 125
Height:  5’6″

Today was the final day of our trip…NINE hours in the car to get back home.  I was a bit hungover this morning from wedding # 2 last night ;-), so I was craving something greasy this morning.  Later in our ride, we also found the cutest country buffet restaurant on some back roads.  This was the THIRD buffet of this weekend–craziness!  Ok, here’s what i 8:

  • value-sized onion rings from Burger King + diet coke
  • country buffet –> assortment of salads (pictured below), small portions of a broccoli casserole, squash casserole, mac & cheese, collared greens, peach cobbler, apple crisp, a bite of bread pudding that I wasn’t fond of, a slice of chocolate cake
  • frozen yogurt!

Ok, tomorrow I am back to my calorie-counting routine.  I had so much fun over this long weekend, enjoyed spending time with friends and family, and ate some really tasty food.  I was too scared to step on the scale this evening, but will do first thing in the morning and report back.  I hope I didn’t do too much damage with all the weekend indulgences!

Double-header wedding weekend begins!

Weight this morning: 129.8
Goal weight: 125
Height:  5’6′

Welp, today we hit the road to begin our double-wedding weekend.  This morning we drove roughly 6 hours to wedding #1.  Knowing we were going to be spending mucho time in the car, I stocked up on some snacks for the trip:

Unfortunately, within two hours of the trip, I ate this instead:

Later in the day we had Sonic for lunch + a wedding buffet for dinner + wedding cake + a candy buffet for favors.  Soooo yeah, I went WAY over my calorie allotment today.  Oh, and my only exercise for today was jogging around for roughly 20 minutes and then boogying on the dance floor for a couple hours with my family. 😉  Here’s all that i 8 today:

  • 2 McDonald’s hotcakes + some of the syrup for dipping
  • Sonic grilled cheese + a few tator tots
  • 4 twizzlers + 10 pretzels
  • a vodka + fresca drink
  • wedding buffet –> salad w/balsamic dressing, 2 rolls, mashed potatoes, asparagus, some bites of mac & cheese
  • maybe…four?…glasses of red wine
  • wedding cake!
  • wedding candy!

Honestly, the calorie count for today was totally out of control.  I’m going to have to call this a “cheat day”, even though I really hate to just throw in the towel and give up on calorie counts on any day.  Ok, all I can do is get back on track tomorrow!